From Zero To Hero With Microservices

Duration: 2 days

In this workshop, you will build a fully functional, “Cloud Native” E-Commerce application, using microservices, Weave Net and Scope, Docker containers and the Kubernetes cluster manager.

Building microservices is hard enough, not least because their is a dizzying array of tools to choose from. You have to choose a networking tool, a service discovery tool and testing tool. In this guided workshop, participants will learn about a number of industrial leading tools, including Scope for visualization and Kubernetes for cluster management. And they will learn these tools whilst building a real life, e-commerce site: the now famous microservices reference application, ‘Socks Shop’.

Participants will learn about:

  • Microservices
  • Networking
  • Visualisation
  • Schedulers
  • Containers

Day 1:

Intro to Containers (Docker)

Docker overview

  • Installation of Docker (all operating systems)
  • Working with containers
  • Working with images
  • Building images with Dockerfiles
  • Managing images and containers
  • Data persistence with Volumes
  • Intro to Orchestrators (Kubernetes)

Orchestration 101

  • Components
  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Basic concepts
  • Intro to container networking (Weave Net)

Benefits of container networking

  • Container networking with Weavenet
  • Visualization/Debugging

Challenges with microservice applications

  • Microservices specific tooling
  • Visualising applications with Weave Scope
  • Debugging applications with Weave Scope

Intro to Microservices

  • Benefits and evolution
  • Basic Principles / Best Practices
  • Modeling and sizing services
  • Integrations / APIs
  • Handling state / databases

Day 2:

Developing Microservices

  • Writing a microservice (either from scratch or template)
  • Applying best practices/principles
  • Dockerizing a service
  • Deploying a Docker container on Kubernetes
  • Connecting to a database
  • Installing and running Scope
  • Deploying and Integrating Microservices

Technologies overview

  • Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Pulling Repositories and Deploying
  • Adding the previously built service to SockShop

Terms and conditions

Courses include training materials, lunch and refreshments during the course.
Public courses require that at least six people attend. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone courses if we do not get the minimal number of people. We will not refund cancellations within five working days of the course but will allow people to give their place to a friend or colleague. We reserve the right to replace the trainers due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.