Kubernetes 101

Duration: 2 days

The goal of this training is to familiarize participants with the basic concepts of Kubernetes, how to develop with Kubernetes locally, and how to interact with a real cluster in the cloud.

Participants will learn about:

  • Kubernetes principles
  • Deployment and application lifecycle
  • Pods and Autoscaling
  • Configuration and secrets management
  • Networking basics
  • Service discovery and load balancing

Day 1:

Kubernetes principles and terminologies.

  • Get yourself familiar with the basic concepts and terminologies of Kubernetes.
  • Installation of Minikube and overview of its commands.
  • Overview of Minikube and kubernetes definition file.

Deployment and application lifecycle.

  • Using kubectl to create a deployment
  • Expose the application to internet
  • Kill an application
  • Managing resources and labels
  • Replication controllers
  • Rolling updates of applications

Pods, containers and autoscaling.

  • Single-container Pods
  • Multi-container Pods
  • Lifecycle of a Pod
  • Pod health-checks
  • Pods to nodes assignment
  • Persistent volumes
  • Pet sets

Day 2:

Configuration and secret management.

  • Best practices managing config values and secrets
  • Working with ConfigMaps
  • Working with Enviromnent variables

Networking basics

  • Overlay networks in general
  • VXLAN overview
  • GRE overview
  • Kubernetes overlay networks
  • Weave Net
  • Network policies

Service discovery and load balancing

  • Connecting containers
  • Services and services operations
  • Load balancers and LB configurations

Terms and conditions

Courses include training materials, lunch and refreshments during the course.
Public courses require that at least six people attend. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone courses if we do not get the minimal number of people. We will not refund cancellations within five working days of the course but will allow people to give their place to a friend or colleague. We reserve the right to replace the trainers due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.